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Maxiblade Carbide Tipped Blades Team

Maxiblade Carbide Tip Rescue Blades for Rescue Saws by Team Equipment. The Maxiblade is a deep gullet, 14 inch, 30 tooth carbide tip blade for rescue saws emergency use with excellent cutting characteristics. The deep gullet clears chips and other debris from the cut faster, increasing cutting performance from less powerful rescue saws (70 - 80cc).

Blade Specifications:
  • 14" Diameter
  • 1" Arbor
  • 30 Teeth
  • .095 Plate Thickness
  • 4.3 pounds
  • 14" 30 Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade (Roof Ventilation Blade)
* Note: Certain saw manufacturers do not allow use of carbide blades under any circumstances. Check manufacturers' position regarding use of carbide blades prior to purchase.

SKUs: TMB14, TMB-14

Maxiblade 14"

Part #:TMB14
Maxiblade 30 Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade, 14" size, 1" arbor.
Price: $120.00