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Basket Strainers or Basket Diffusers

Basket Strainers or Basket Diffusers for Firefighting equipment by Action Coupling. Lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum body with rigid stainless steel mesh. Used for straining debris out of your suction line or for diffusing water out of a hydrant.

Features Include:

  • ABS1 Series
  • Available in sizes 2-1/2" to 6"
  • National Standard thread - NH or NST
  • Iron Pipe thread - NPSH or SIPT
  • Tapered Pipe - NPT (this considered a Special Thread and cannot be furnished on a swivel.)

Common Thread Abbreviations:

  • NH or NST = NH (National Hose) or NST (National Standard Thread), often referred to as "fire hose thread". By far the most common thread in use today by fire departments.
  • NPT = National Pipe Tapered is common in plumbing and some industrial uses.
  • NPSH = IPT = National Pipe Straight Hose or Iron Pipe Thread has the same TPI as NPT but the thread does not taper.

SKUs: ABS-1-25, ABS-1-30, ABS-1-35, ABS-1-40, ABS-1-45, ABS-1-50, ABS-1-60


Part #:ABS-1
Basket Strainer / Diffuser.
Price: $85.00