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Carson SB-008 Phantom Siren Switch Box

SB-008 Phantom Siren Switch Box by Carson Inc.

Emergency Vehicle Light Switch Box, Lightbar Controls.

Features Include:
  • PHANTOM programmable switch box
  • Complete programmability with DIP switch locking
  • Up to 7 switches for gun lock timers
  • Master Switch grouping capabilities
  • 20 Amps capacity per circuit for up to 160 total amps
  • Externally exposed fuses and diagnostic for easy replacement
  • 8 completely enclosed membrane push button switches for splash-resistant protection
  • Remote enabled LED backlighting that turns red when activated
  • 72 Replaceable legends
  • Unpluggable wiring connectors for outputs, backlighting and ground
  • Alert indicator when switches activated
  • 1-3/8″ H x 6-1/8″ W x 6-1/2″ D
  • No-hassle 5-year limited warranty
  • Carson Switch Boxs
  • By Carson Mfg

SKUs: SB-008-2514, SB0082514

Switch Box

Part #:SB-008-2514
Carson PHANTOM programmable switch box.
Price: $164.00