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Advanced Fire Entry Suits X60 Newtex Chicago

Advanced Fire Entry Suits with Extended Back X60 by Newtex. The X60 Advanced Fire Entry Suit is a heavily insulated aluminized suit designed for fire entry and engulfment.

The suit features a Z-Flex aluminized outer shell which reflects 95% of radiant heat and withstands radiant temperatures up to 3000F (1650C). In addition to providing outstanding protection, Z-Flex is also the most durable aluminized material available and will not de-laminate under even the most demanding conditions. A foil layer beneath the outer shell, and O-PAN heat barrier, and two layers of fiberglass insulation work together to provide maximum protection for extended exposure to extreme temperatures.

This suit can be used in foundries, petrochemical plants, processing facilities, and other environments in which workers are at risk for engulfment.

Ensemble Features

  • Raglan sleeves
  • Double storm fly closure
  • Pouch for SCBA
  • Inner cinch for tight seal
  • Hard cap with ratchet adjustment*
  • Full shoulder length drape
  • Dual-layer gold coated glass lenses
  • Rounded bib
  • Easy entry design
  • Zetex Plus knee patches
  • Mittens with an Aluminized Back
  • ZetexPlus Palm and Fleece Lining
  • Easy-On Design
  • For Wear Over Work Boots
Also Included:
  • Ballistic nylon duffle bag
  • Nomex balaclava

Suit Construction

  • Radian Shell
  • Z-Flex A-601 Aluminized Texturized Fiberglass
  • Insulation Layers
  • Pyron Insulation Z-Flex AF F-628 Foil
    and Fiberglass Insulation
  • Thermal Liner
  • FR Cotton

Suit Weight

  • Nominal Weight: 35 lbs / 15.9 kg

    * The nominal suit weight is the total approximate weight of the jacket and pants in size large. Boots, gloves, and hood add additional weight. Actual weights may very slightly.

Suit Sizing

User's Chest User's Waist Jacket Length Sleeve Length Pant Inseam
One Size
Fits Most
Up to 50" / 127 cm Up to 44" / 112 cm 33" / 84 cm 35" / 89 cm 30" / 76 cm

* Hard cap meets ANSI-Z89. 1-2009 impact resistance tests.

** 2XL and custom sizes are available upon request for an additional charge

When selecting a proximity or fire entry suit, it is important to consider the convective, conductive, and radiant heat risks in your work area and the length of exposure to that heat. The advanced aluminized outer shell of the X Series suits provides the ultimate protection from radiant energy, the heat transmitted from all hot objects. The X Series also provides protection from conductive and convective heat. The level of conductive and convective protection increases with each suit as you move from the most lightest suit to the heaviest.

The Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) graph above illustrates the relative protective values of the X40, X50, and X60 suits in relation to each other. The TPP test exposes samples to convective and radiant heat sources and measures the heat transferred through the test specimen to calculate a tolerance time to 2nd degree burn. The levels of exposure are extreme and not representative of most real world scenarios. Real world industrial maintenance and emergency response environments are likely to be unpredictable and vary from test conditions. We recommend only professionally trained industrial workers and first responders use these suits under established safety protocols.

X Series Fire Entry Suits

Testing and Certification

The X60 Advanced Fire Entry Suit meets the requirements of the ISO 11612 test standard. The Z-Flex outer shell also meets or exceeds the additional specifications listed in the table below.

Test Description Standards
Radiant Heat ISO 6942, EN 366, ASTM F1939
Convective Heat ISO 9151, EN 367
Limited Flame Spread ISO 15025, EN 532
Molten Metal ISO 9185, EN 348, ASTM F955
Tear Resistance ISO 13937, EN 388

SKUs: AKL-X60-XB, FE3000-XB, FE-3000-XB


Part #:AKL-X60-XB
Advanced Fire Entry Suit X60 with Extended Back.
Price: $6,513.00