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HotStick AC Voltage Detectors - IN STOCK - ON SALE

AC Hotstick Voltage Detector by HotStick USA, Inc. Hotstick: the high sensitivity voltage detector for emergency responders.

Model HotStick Features Include:

  • The AC HotStick is a safety device designed for professional rescuers which provides warning of exposed high voltage AC from a safe distance
  • The AC HotStick will give early audible (“beeping”) and visual (flashing LED) warning of the presence of dangerous voltages without the need to contact the surface carrying the current.
  • The closer the user comes to the source of the voltage, the more rapidly the unit beeps and flashes
  • Approx. Ship Box Dimensions for Qty of 1: 25" x 5" x 5" with a weight of 2 lbs
  • Approx. Ship Box Dimensions for Qty of 2: 25" x 5" x 5" with a weight of 4 lbs
  • The HotStick are usually IN STOCK!
  • These Voltage Detectors are on SALE!

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AC Voltage Detector

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HotStick AC Voltage Detector. ON SALE!
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