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ATI 56H2FX450N JAFX4 Fire Hose, four layer Rubber Hose, 2" Dia, 50 ft, NST 1 PK

56H2FX450N JAFX4 Fire Hoses 50 ft by Armored Textiles Inc or ATI.

JAFX4 Hose: Unique 4-layer rubber hose made with an extruded outer layer of proprietary super-tough RLH synthetic rubber compound, making this hose highly resistant to flame, heat, abrasion, and chemicals..

56H2FX450N Features Include:
  • JAFX4 Fire Hose, four layer Rubber Hose, 2" Dia, 50 ft, NST
  • By Armored Textiles Inc (Formerly Jaffrey Fire Protection)
  • Coupling Lug Style: Rocker
  • Available couplings: NST or NPSH. For Storz couplings and other types, please contact us us for pricing
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty. Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
  • Heavy and/or bulk item. Additional shipping charges may apply.
The Series Features Include:
  • Meets or Exceeds: NFPA 1961 Standard on Fire Hose (2013 edition).
  • Unique One-Piece Construction: ATI’s revolutionary co-extrusion technology creates a “Four Layer Hose In One Operation” without the use of glues or adhesives thereby forming a homogeneous hose which cannot delaminate. 100% high tenacity synthetic yarn is circular woven and completely protected and locked-in by tough highly resistant synthetic rubber.
  • Best Abrasion Protection: The fourth layer of proprietary RLH rubber compound is super resistant to abrasion — so much so that you can drag it through the hot desert sand to put out oil well fires, day after day. (Yes, we’ve done that).
  • Resists Burn-through: Unique outer layer rubber compound makes this hose more resistant to heat, flames and burn-through than traditional double jacket hose.
  • Super Durable: Excellent resistance to heat, ozone, weather, most chemicals (acids, bases, salts, oils, solvents, etc.), flame, wear, tear and puncture.
  • Great Flow and Kinking Resistance: Highly flexible and smooth inner lining provides excellent dilation characteristics with low friction loss and high kinking resistance.
  • Weight: Weight includes couplings
  • Sizes: 1.5" to 5".
  • Suitable For Use And Recommended For Fire Fighting Activities In:
    • Very Active Municipal Departments
    • Heavy Industrial Municipalities
    • Refining, Chemical, Utility Industries
    • Coarse, Abrasive Landscapes
    • Marine Environments
    • Daily Use Applications such as washdown and sewage treatment plants
Hose Diameter Weight of 100' Coil Diameters Service Pressure Acceptance Pressure Burst Pressure Coupling Bowl Sizes
inches lbs inches psi psi psi inches
1-1/2" 30 17 300 600 900 1-3/4"
1-3/4" 36 17 300 600 900 2-1/16"
2 42 18 300 600 900 2-9/32"
2-1/2" 62 19 300 600 900 2-13/16"
4" 92 27 250 500 750 4-17/32"
5" 112 28 250 500 750 5-3/8"

SKUs: 56H2FX450N

Fire Hose

Part #:56H2FX450N
ATI JAFX4 Fire Hose, four layer Rubber Hose, 2" Dia, 50 ft, NST.
Price: $225.00