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Chicago Protective 485-RW-32 7" Repro Wool Spats

485-RW-32 7" Repro Wool Spats by Chicago Protective Apparel, Inc.

CPA Spats

Model 485-RW-32 Features Include:
  • 7" Repro Wool Spats
  • Made from 32 oz. Repro wool
  • 7" high with 6" flares
  • Kevlar® sewn for strength and durability
  • Come standard with rear velcro closure
  • Flares made from same material as top of spats
  • Chicago Protective Apparel Spats
  • By CPA

SKUs: 485-RW-32, 485RW32


Part #:485-RW-32
CPA 7" Repro Wool Spats.
Price: $15.00