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Chicago Protective 0647-A3D A3D 0647 Style Hood

0647-A3D A3D 0647 Style Hood by Chicago Protective Apparel, Inc.

CPA Hoods

Model 0647-A3D Features Include:
  • A3D 0647 Style Hood
  • Complete head and shoulder coverage
  • Large 7" x 11" window opening with replaceable gold film and Lexan® window
  • Constructed around a hard shell which provides both structure and a head ratchet
  • Windows are replaceable and positioned far enough away from the face to allow room to wear safety glasses or a face mask underneath
  • Air fed supplies can be fitted into the hoods
  • Hard hat or cap clips can be installed upon request
  • Made from 14.5 oz. Aluminized Z-Flex (A3D)
  • 7" x 11" Window
  • Chicago Protective Apparel Hoods
  • By CPA

SKUs: 0647-A3D, 0647A3D


Part #:0647-A3D
CPA A3D 0647 Style Hood.
Price: $259.50