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All AXX Axe Fire Hooks

ALL AXX Axe from Fire Hooks Unlimited or FireHooks. The ALL-AXX is an 11 pound steel handled axe with a 6 lb. pickhead on one end and a halligan fork on the other. Designed for the roof, the 6 lb. blade can make a crevice so the fork can fit in the bulkhead door. The spike can be used as a handle to pry open the crevice or it can pull the roof open after cutting it with a saw. The top of the axe is a striking plate so you can drive the fork into the crevice if necessary. The ring can be used to rope vent windows with a half hitch on the handle.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed roof axe
  • The axe can be hip carried with a carabiner or by using a sheath with shoulder strap.
  • It can be ordered alone or as a set (pictured).
  • The set includes a shoulder strap and leather sheath, which has a 3 inch belt loop.

Model Description
ALL-AXX 11 lb steel handle (red), 6 lb. pick axe, halligan fork
ALL-AXX-SET 11 lb steel handle (red), 6 lb. pick axe, halligan fork with shoulder strap, ring and leather sheath



Part #: ALL-AXX
DiW: 4.20
Description: All AXX axe (axe only) Fire Hooks.
Price: $199.50

All AXX Set

DiW: 4.20
Description: All AXX Axe Set Fire Hooks.
Price: $229.00