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ComeUp 123529 ATV WINCH Cub 3, 12V

123529 ATV WINCH Cub 3, 12V by ComeUpUSA Inc.

Cub Series.

Model 123529 Features Include:
  • ATV WINCH Cub 3 USA / 12V, W/ CH
  • 3,000 lb (1,361 kg) line pull.
  • Power in and power out.
  • Winch drum is centered to avoid rope interference and provide a streamlined appearance.
  • Mechanical load holding and dynamic brake for 100% braking.
  • High efficiency permanent magnet motor is sealed and has low amperage draw.
  • Full metal 3-stage planetary gears for greater pulling force.
  • Sliding pin and ring gear clutch (freespooling) for quick and easy engagement/disengagement.
  • Weather sealed contactor provides superior water resistance and lower amperage draw.
  • 3,000 lbs. 1.0 HP
  • ComeUP Winches
  • By ComeUp USA
  • Heavy and/or bulk item. Additional shipping charges may apply.

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Part #:123529
ComeUp ATV WINCH Cub 3 USA / 12V, W/ CH.
Price: $255.95