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Wolo 825 Giant Roof Mount Air Horn, Chrome, 23-1/2" - High Tone - IN STOCK - ON SALE

825 Giant 130 Decibels 330 Hz by Wolo Corp.

The Giant produces a powerful high tone truck horn sound. All metal construction chrome plated throughout so to withstand the extremes in all weather conditions and to provide years of dependable service. Provided with the horn is a metal front pedestal support that is chrome plated. The support will help to eliminate trumpet vibration at high speeds and on the roughest roads. A front deflector cover provides protection against rain, road dirt, snow, and bugs from entering into the horns trumpet, protecting the sound and your investment. The air feeder hose connection is made through the base of the horn and is not externally visible. Installation of the high-pressure airlines is made easy with Wolos new flexible inlet hose with brass fittings. The Giants beautiful chrome appearance will look great on any truck big or small, providing an alerting sound THAT WILL BE HEARD! The kit includes, stainless steel mounting hardware, flexible inlet hose, and rubber gaskets for a watertight installation. Instruction in English / Spanish. Giant requires an on-board air system, (recommended Wolo on-board air system Model 840). For best sound results, always install the Giant as a set one high tone and one low tone.

Model 825 Features Include:
  • GIANT - High Tone Roof Mount Air Horn, Chrome Plated, Rectangular Front, Length 23-1/2"
  • UPC: 80217008259
  • Approx. Ship Box Dimensions for Qty of 1: 30" x 12" x 6" with a weight of 7 lbs.
  • These Air Horns are usually IN STOCK!
  • These Air Horns are on SALE!
  • By Wolo

SKUs: 825

Air Horn - 23-1/2"

Part #: 825
DiW: 4.90
Description: Wolo GIANT - High Tone Roof Mount Air Horn, Chrome Plated, Rectangular Front, Length 23-1/2". ON SALE!
Price: $120.00