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Carson SC-411-HD Elite Force Sirens

SC-411-HD Elite Force Sirens by Carson Inc.

Dual Tone Police Siren, Rescue Vehicle Remote Siren with Full Control, Styling, and Technology.

Features Include:
  • ELITE FORCE DUEL TONE 100-200 watt programmable light handheld siren
  • QuickClone™ setting duplication technology
  • Splash resistant design
  • Programmable primary buttons for progressive, non-progressive, or partially progressive control. Field replaceable.
  • Program auxiliary buttons to activate when the primary buttons are activated
  • 6 Programmable auxiliary buttons for on/off, Video Trigger with on/off, momentary and 10 or 20 second timed momentary (gun lock)
  • Instant On option allows operation of primary buttons with ignition off
  • PA override with removable noise-canceling microphone and programmable volume
  • Patented Video Trigger automatically initiates a video camera system to record when programmed buttons are activated
  • Blue LED backlit for nighttime visibility, auxiliary buttons turn red when activated
  • Horn Ring Cycler 2 (HRC2) for hands free siren control when rotary is on Cycle position for pursuit and rescue situations
  • Timed Override changes siren tone for 10 seconds
  • Sweep & Intersection modes automatically sequence through Yelp, Phaser, and Air Horn at different rates
  • Siren Cutout disables the siren tone when exiting the vehicle
  • Exposed fuses on the top side of the amplifier to protect each output
  • User adjustable back lighting for personal preference
  • Dual Tone, 200 watts
  • Dedicated Arrow Stick Control
  • Controller can be mounted with Velcro® or custom magnetic cradle
  • Handheld Controller: 2-1/4″ X 5-3/8″ X 1-1/8″
  • Amplifier: 8-1/4″ X 8-5/8″ X 2-1/8″
  • No-hassle 5-year limited warranty
  • Carson Sirens
  • By Carson Mfg

SKUs: SC-411HD-2014, SC411HD2014


Part #:SC-411HD-2014
Carson ELITE FORCE DUEL TONE 100-200 watt programmable light handheld siren.
Price: $658.00