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CPA KC-51 CarbonX Knit Hoods - NFPA, Long

CarbonX KC-51 Classic Hoods One Size Fits All by Chicago Protective Apparel. The CarbonX Classic style hood provides double layer coverage to meet NFPA 1971 requirements. The hood features flat stitching and seamless chin area for better fit and comfort. ATPV is 23 cal/cm2. Non-flammable, non-melting with excellent stretch and recovery properties. One size fits all.

You can depend on CarbonX. From fighting fires to pouring liquid steel to racing at over 300 mph, professionals in high-risk occupations insist that their protective apparel be made with CarbonX fabrics. The patented Carbon blend of high-performance fibers raises the bar for FR textiles by providing the highest levels of protection from heat and flame.

CarbonX KC-51 Hoods:

  • Classic hood
  • Meets NFPA 1971 requirements
  • Flat stitching and seamless chin area
  • Provides protection from heat and flame
  • Excellent stretch and recovery properties
  • One size fits all
  • Availability: Typically 1 - 3 weeks lead time, depending on manufacturer's availability.


SKUs: KC-51


Part #:KC-51
CPA Knit CarbonX Hood, ATPV of 32 Cal , 70E.
Price: $34.00