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Bullard Wildfire Wildland Fire Helmets

Wildfire Wildland Series Fire Helmets FH911CR, FH911HR, and Accessories by Bullard. The Wildfire Series Fire Helmets. The leader in wildland firefighting. Wildfire Series fire helmets are designed Bullard Tough™ for extreme conditions of wildland firefighting. The tough shell, lightweight and compact design are the industry standard for wildland firefighters…now, with an even more comfortable suspension. Ship. wt. 1 lb.

Wildfire Series Fire Helmets Features:

  • Glare-reducing texture
  • Shell-bonded goggle retainer clips for secure storage of eye protection
  • Reflective strips for increased wearer visibility through smoke at night
  • Meets NFPA 1971, 2005
  • Available models: FH911CR and FH911HR
  • Available in red, blue, yellow, orange, lime, black, and white
  • Protector / Nomex Shroud R223 alternate numbers: BD016
  • SKU: FH911CR, FH911HR, R222, R223, AC51602, 680P-W112G

Accepts a full range of mounting brackets for face shield visors or face shield screens.

FH911CR Cap Style Helmet:

  • Cap style helmet
  • Sure-Lock® ratchet suspension (FRS6RC)

FH911HR Hat Style Helmet:

  • Hat style helmet
  • Full brim
  • Sure-Lock® ratchet suspension (FRS6RC)


Available colors:

Red Blue Yellow Orange Lime Black White  

Other SKU's for same Models:

SKU # 1 SKU # 2
FH911CR AC511
FH911HR AC512
R222 R222
R223 AC513
BD016 BD016
AC51602 AC51602
AC51601 680P W/112G

SKUs: 680P-W112G, AC51602, FH911CR, FH911HR, R222, R223

Cap - Front Brim

Part #:FH911CR
Bullard Wildfire Cap, Front Brim Style, Ratchet.
Price: $45.00

Hat - Full Brim

Part #:FH911HR
Bullard Wildfire Hat, Full Brim Style, Ratchet.
Price: $48.00

Protector Shroud R222

Part #:R222
Bullard Ear/Neck/Face Protector, Nomex, Rip-stop, Yellow.
Price: $35.00

Protector Shroud R223

Part #:R223
Bullard Ear/Neck/Face Protector, Nomex, Rip-stop, Yellow, Flame retardant cotton lining, NFPA 1977.
Price: $36.00