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Aircraft Nose Gear Emergency Response

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"Aircraft Nose Gear Emergency Response"
Contact Hours: 0.5

CRJ 700 A CRJ (regional airliner) receives a nose gear malfunction warning on approach. You will be able to observe from a pilot’s perspective the subsequent communication with the tower and resulting go-around for a new landing. The pilots run through the emergency check list for dealing with a nose gear problem and communicate with the cabin crew. You will then witness the emergency landing and communication with ARFF crews. This video discusses how the plane’s position upon landing will impact passenger egress. Also discussed in depth are the aircraft fuel tank plumbing and air venting systems which are important to understand regarding leaking jet fuel. This video puts you into the mind of the pilot so you will understand his issues which will help ARFF crews make a more efficient response.

Click below to view a short video demo of this training:

Aircraft Nose Gear Emergency Duration: 17:13
Fuel Tank Venting System Discussion Duration: 1:36

After viewing this lesson the student will:

  • Understand the pilots’ procedures for landing a plane with a compromised nose gear.
  • Be able to plan the proper ARFF response for such a landing.
  • Understand how the up- or down-wing position of the disabled aircraft will affect passenger egress.
  • Understand what is really happening if jet fuel leaks occur and where the fuel is coming from.


    CRJ 700 Deck
  • FAA A/C 150/5210-17B, Programs for Training of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Personnel
  • NFPA 405, Standard for Recurring Proficiency of Airport Fire Fighters

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DVD Training

Part #:ARFF-102
Aircraft Nose Gear Emergency Response Training on DVD for Firefighters.
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